From Teaching to Tech

From a very young age, I knew that teaching was going to be part of my story.  I followed that track through high school and college and landed a great job a year after college teaching elementary math.  Year four of teaching we got pregnant with our daughter.  My priorities changed that year.  I still loved my students and the education field, but my daughter took precedence.

As a stay home mom, I often longed to balance a career in teaching as well as being a full time stay home parent.  Obviously there aren’t enough hours in the day for both so I continued with my love of staying at home.  Fast forward several years to an autism diagnosis and looking at a very intensive ABA schedule that had me running from place to place and spending hours in a waiting room.  

I pushed myself to learn new things and the amazing thing about the human body is that you can always learn more.  I had tried for years to find common professional ground with my tech savvy husband, but we always seemed to speak different languages.  As I started simple HTML and CSS tutorials, we started having conversations based around web development as a whole.  

My husband excels at making graphical designs a website reality.  I found myself in awe at the ease in which he bounced between languages and instinctively knew what would display on the screen after a few strokes of the keyboard.  As I watched him and as I continued to explore on my own, we discovered once more how different we approach projects and how our different viewpoints bring about balance.  Somehow after several years of marriage, we are able to have passionate discussions about design and approach.  We have also discovered how our strengths fill in the gaps we each have.

I still get to live the stay home dream, but alongside my husband I get to bring designs and ideas to life.  We are able to help businesses realize their next level of potential and ease the burden that social marketing, website management, and content creation can have.  

Do I still have a passion for education? Absolutely!  I am just using my degree to educate small businesses about the power behind a well developed web presence! 
Let us know if you have an interest in learning more about website design, management, hosting, or social marketing.  We’d love to connect with you on our contact us page!