Social Truth

The term “social media” invokes a wide range of thoughts and opinions. We all know that it impacts our lives daily whether positively or negatively. The question that many small businesses ask is “What can social media do for me?”

Let’s first look at our daily lives. I know that I often come across breaking news on my social media feeds daily. I have been known to find a product advertised so well, I just couldn’t pass up the deal. I’ve also found recommendations from family and friends for a variety of goods and services. Just recently, I recommended my daughter’s dentist in a group I belong to. I was able to link the social media account that they have created to provide contact information and general practices that they utilize.

Social media can be used for harm. Let’s get that out of the way right now. We have all heard about cyber bullying and other predatory crimes that have utilized the influence of social media. We know that relationships have been strained and sometimes broken. Even with all of the negative that we see, it’s important to remember the powerful tool it can be!

Social media and marketing go hand in hand. A really well written post can be shared hundreds of times and expand a small business’s reach farther than they could ever do on their own. Quality social media content allows customers to connect with a business and drives more potential customers to your website. As you evaluate your needs on different social media platforms, first evaluate the purpose of your business. If you sell goods, you need customers to visit your online or brick and mortar store. It needs to be easy to find. If you offer services, you’ll want to be clear what your business does. Cute names and play of words are great, but make sure your description is clear on what you offer.

Does your business have social media accounts? Can Media Soil help you get started?